Conundrums of Indignant Bliss

...a journey to make sense of and experience in a profound way this world we live in, searching for a shared humanity amidst a landscape rife with escalating hatred, racial tension, and impending environmental catastrophe. These conundrums, articulated in the voices of people encountered along the way -- in airports, trains, bars and by the wayside - call into question our pursuits of happiness while gripped by the zeitgeist of personal and global struggles. (83 pages, 97 minutes)

Conundrums of Indignant Bliss by D.J. Haliday

About the Audiobook

What began as a live reading of the poetry, organically evolved into an innovative audiobook/concept album that transcends the poems themselves. New life breathed into them by Haliday’s vibrant narration against the masterful improvisational compositions of Sean Egan, who plays every instrument except for a guest guitar appearance by Josh McCabe, the words leap into multi-dimensional soundscapes, brimming with raw power and affording a richer accessibility, metamorphosing the Conundrums of Indignant Bliss experience into an epic journey.

recalls works by such writers as Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gregory Corso. Like them, Haliday employs long, loose lines; unexpected phrasing; wordplay; and musical rhythms. And like them, he defies the conventional and mainstream.” — Kirkus Reviews

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